Erston Pearcy

Baby blue ‘56 Chevys, neon lights shinning down on empty streets, lovers in low lit doorways, coming in out of the rain to open arms, longings for beautiful strangers walking home alone…these are just a few of the rich, evocative images found in the honest and heartfelt songs of Erston Pearcy.

Erston is a San Francisco born singer/songwriter who has been writing and performing around the Bay Area since the early nineties. A regular performer at San Francisco’s Bazaar Café, Erston has also performed at a number of Bay Area landmarks including the Hotel Utah, the Revolution Café, Simple Pleasures, Ghirardelli Square and the Red Devil Lounge.

In 2007 Erston released a self-titled five song EP produced by producer and songwriter Jeff Rolka and producer/songwriter/drummer of Felsen, Andrew Griffin. The CD beautifully introduces Erston’s unique blend of country influenced Americana with a soulful, pop flavor.

Erston’s sound has often been compared to Chris Isaak, with flavors of Van Morrison and a touch of the Beatles. A pop troubadour, Erston blends a classic American country voice with a traditional rock and roll sound to explore the many facets of love, friendship, loss and renewal with a warm and inviting voice.

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